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“CEOs have so much pressure on them in these smaller settings and it’s a fine line for them to make the numbers and yet enforce standards as they should. The concept that quality comes first is now instilled in them and they’re working hard to elevate their standards. When I speak to medical staffs, one of the major points I make is that peer review is not punitive; so often physicians become incensed that someone else is telling them they should have done things differently. Our medical education system and legal system has done little to foster change. Thanks again for all your help; CIMRO has really been a great resource for our hospitals.” Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

“When our hospital corporation decided to establish an external peer review program to facilitate external peer review for our hospitals, we looked for a Quality Improvement Organization with a competent panel of physicians who were well-trained in the principles of proper peer review, and who represented a broad range of specialties. We also wanted an organization with proven processes, including internal quality review as well as one with a reputation for good customer service. We found all of those qualities in CIMRO.” Vice President, Medical Affairs

“CIMRO was very prompt, professional and helped tremendously in a very complex situation." Vice President, Medical Affairs


“This is the first time we have used outside peer review with CIMRO and were very pleased with the entire process. Communication and follow-up were timely. The peer reviewers were actively practicing physicians and had exemplary credentials. The peer reviews were thorough with supporting references. This type of service will make us 'repeat customers' if needed.” Alabama Hospital

“We have been very satisfied with CIMRO’s peer review services. The comments provided by the reviewer are insightful. There is a good grasp of the issues and the reviewer quotes applicable references, providing evidence-based reviews. Overall, CIMRO provides us with a solid basis for a fair peer review process.” Colorado Hospital

“We have used CIMRO’s services on four or five occasions over the past several years and have been very pleased. We have had individual peer reviews done and also a large-scale review of Emergency Department documentation. The price is very reasonable and the reviews are done in a timely manner. The quality of the reviews is excellent and it is very easy to have any follow-up questions answered. I would highly recommend CIMRO’s services to any facility in need of peer review services.” North Carolina Hospital

“CIMRO was fantastic in assisting me in creating an account and submitting our records for peer review. Peer review from anonymous providers is an excellent method of assuring that your practice providers are meeting the standards of care.” Maryland Ambulatory Surgery Center

“We have utilized CIMRO’s external peer review services and have found them to be timely, responsive, cost effective and very helpful to our medical staff in their peer review challenges.” Texas Hospital

“Our association with CIMRO has benefited our peer review process greatly. We are very satisfied with the level of service CIMRO provides. They are a great resource for our organization.” Louisiana Hospital

“We have used CIMRO for peer review and found them to provide an excellent service. Our most recent reviews were for very complicated cases and they worked with us in providing an alternate arrangement to keep our costs within reason. They kept in contact with us throughout the process to make sure that we had a very timely review and that it was to our satisfaction. The quality of the reviewers was beyond reproach and the written review was very concise with valuable recommendations.” Colorado Hospital

“CIMRO has provided us with top-notch utilization, quality and DRG review…has done an excellent job in providing outside peer review services…has handled our account in a very professional manner. We highly recommend their services.” Texas Hospital

“CIMRO staff were readily available and communicated effectively - everyone was wonderful in assisting us with the process.” Florida Hospital

“CIMRO Physician Reviewers are succinct in their responses to the questions posed and they offer a balanced blend of practical and academic insight. We have found that their recommendations are feasible for physicians to incorporate into their daily practices.” Texas Hospital

“We were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and timely response. Would highly recommend your services.” Wisconsin Hospital

“CIMRO staff were always available and professional…we’re very satisfied with CIMRO’s peer review services…everything was exceptional.” Texas Hospital

“The peer review process was excellent and very timely.” Colorado Hospital

“The reviews are always complete, thorough and focused on the area(s) that we have asked to be analyzed.” Illinois Hospital

“CIMRO has been extremely helpful in providing us comprehensive learning experiences through the use of quality improvement techniques. Their staff members have always been very courteous, knowledgeable and very willing to assist and teach, when necessary.” Illinois Hospital

“Great communication and reports were timely and of excellent quality with superb citing of the literature and case reviews.” Texas Hospital


“CIMRO has strategically hired high-quality, experienced and motivated staff members that are committed to quality improvement and success.” Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

“During CIMRO’s tenure, their performance has been excellent. We found all staff, whether at the executive level, clinical or support staff, to be knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. CIMRO has met all performance standards set forth in our contract for both expedited and standard review. I have no hesitation in recommending CIMRO for consideration in providing external review for quality of care.” Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services

“Missouri continues to be very pleased with CIMRO’s productivity. CIMRO’s quality of work, timeliness and professionalism continue to excel. CIMRO’s concern with health record confidentiality persists with every review. CIMRO’s staff is responsive, cooperative and congenial.” Missouri Department of Insurance


Detailed references can be provided upon request.