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Independent Peer Review

While internal peer review is an important method to ensure quality of care, there are situations requiring Independent Peer Review. In these circumstances, outsourcing peer review is a 'best practice'.

Independent peer review services provide an objective opinion based on both the patient-specific record and the current standard of practice. CIMRO’s review services available to hospitals, health systems, ambulatory surgery centers, medical group practices and individual practitioners include:

  • Quality/standard of care
  • Patterns of care
  • Medical imaging (radiology, cardiology)
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Credentialing Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)
  • Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE)
  • External Peer Performance Evaluation (EPPE) View Handout
  • Sentinel/adverse events
  • Mortality reviews
  • Sleep study reviews
  • New technology/procedure
  • Fair hearing expertise
  • Utilization/medical necessity/coding validation
  • Telephonic or onsite educational sessions
  • Onsite peer review, proctoring or mentoring

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